Daily Rituals,
Made Easy.

We are not made for stress. In our urban-focused everyday lives – where the bustle of city living can often overwhelm us – it’s easy to neglect our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

With our Daily Rituals, we want to invite you to live in the flow, and stay in the present.

Your journey towards mindful living starts now.


Through the intentional use of controlled
breathing techniques, the practice of
breathwork helps activate the body’s relaxation
process, thereby reducing the risk of high blood
pressure and other ailments associated with
chronic stress.

While using the Inner Peace Purifying Cleanser,
incorporate deep, prolonged inhales and
exhales as you gently cleanse your skin.



In summary, the exercise of grounding is the
direct contact of skin with nature. It can be in
a barefoot stroll around your garden, or in the
act of tending to your house plants.

Stay grounded with the Inner Peace Purifying
, and be uplifted by the earthy notes
of the essential oils within this blend.


Body Scan

The practice of body scanning is to help one
reconnect with their physical self, and to allow
the mind to remain open and aware towards
any sensorial experience. With practice, body
scanning helps you find focus and energy in
the present moment.

Use the Clarity Crystal Sugar Scrub to slough
away the day’s stresses. As you work the scrub
down your body, pay attention to your physical
form and release the tensions that hold within it.



Being fully present and fully open to all the
senses is how you can practice awareness in
a simple way. Observe how your skin feels,
connect with your thoughts and align them
with what you want to manifest.

As you use the Clarity Crystal Sugar Scrub,
check in with how your senses feel. Connect
with the sensations on your skin, and expand
awareness from the body towards your
sense of smell.


Palm Inhalation

A simple yet profoundly soothing ritual,
palm inhalation melds the practice of
breathwork together with a purposefully-
chosen scent. Together, this exercise
helps you connect with your emotional
and spiritual intentions.

Dispense and rub a small amount of the
Self-Love Nourishing Lotion in your palms,
then cup your palms over your face and
take deep, slow breaths to decompress
and connect with self.



The connection to self is perhaps one of
our most treasured links, and nothing helps
establish that thread better than the practice
of self-massage. Using purposeful strokes in a
pressure that is comfortable for yourself, this
ritual connects you with your intrinsic self.

With a small amount of Self-Love Nourishing
, nourish your skin and soul with a slow,
gentle massage at the end of a long day.