Welcome to the world
of Roots & Ceremony.

for your inner and
outer selves.

Our Philosophy

At Roots & Ceremony, we believe that wellness
isn’t limited to the physical, but that being well
includes mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Through our mindfully formulated products
and with our guided rituals and routines,
we want you to connect with your inner self
and experience self-care on a holistic level.

Step into health and wholeness.


From The World, To You

We believe in harnessing the best that the world
has to offer, which is why we give pride of place
to pure, natural and organic ingredients – be it
plant extracts or minerals – that are ethically
sourced from across the globe.

We investigate widely to ensure that all our
formulations comply with updated beauty
standards and are free of harmful ingredients,
for your peace of mind.

Our commitment to care also extends to the
environment, which is why we are continually
looking into new ways and methods to
strengthen our sustainability narrative.


Made For Every Body

Self-care belongs to all – regardless of gender
or age. That is why Roots & Ceremony is
passionate about creating restorative blends
for every body, and for every soul.